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Sam’s surprised to see Dean in a bar in Palo Alto. He’s even more surprised when Dean doesn’t recognize him.

Fandom: Supernatural
18+ (explicit slash, some het only in part TWO )
Warning: Sam/Dean, some Sam/Jess, mentions of Dean/OMC
Setting: pre-pilot, a bar in Palo Alto
Category: memory loss, rent-boy!Dean, Wincest, dub con, angst
Status/Words: complete / ~ 18,300

Special thanks to Jenny, Joolz, Tenshi, Tabaqui and Alwaysand who helped me with beta stuff or their opinion.

Outside link to my homepage: Rougher Than Before

SPN 4x08

Nov. 9th, 2008 05:57 pm
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What happened to Eric Kripke's goal to make a 45 minutes horror movie every week?

I'm fed up with funny.

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My opinion of the lates Supernatural episode:

no spoilers for upcoming episodes )
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This is only about episodes 4x01 to 4x03. Please don't spoil me for future episodes!
my opinon - no spoilers for future episodes )
Comments are very appreciated.
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There's Jeffrey Dean Morgan in Angel 3x12 Provider as a Sam Ryan. *squeee*
I'm the only one who didn't know that until now, right? *lol*

Angel: These vampires killed your friend.
SAM: Look. I'm sorry about what I did. I needed help. I didn't know what else to do.
Angel: So you lied to me.
I'm sorry.
SAM:I'm sorry I lied to you. I shouldn't have.
Angel:No. You did the wrong thing. But your heart was in the right place. Your motives were noble.
SAM:Thank you.
ANGEL: It's not as though I haven't been accused of nobility myself once or twice.
SAM: Then you understand.
ANGEL: Yeah. But being a champion is not all good deeds and happy endings. There's a lot that goes on behind the scenes. People don't seem to consider that.
I think - I think we're in real trouble here.
ANGEL:All right. Maybe we can work something out. You own a car?
SAM:The bank owns it.
SAM:I rent.
ANGEL:How's your credit. Can you borrow?
SAM:I'm kind of out of a job. Spent all I had tracking these guys.

Soooo... are there Angel/Supernatural Crossovers? Recs anybody? As long as it's slash and pairs the Winchesters with Angel (or maybe Wesley?) I'll read it.


Feb. 15th, 2008 09:43 pm
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I've got the permanent contract today!
I've got it! I've finally signed it and I've got a save job now. I can think about buying a house, having a baby... I'm so relieved and happy. I wanted to say extra-thanks again to those lovely people on my flist who made the references about my English skills. You were wonderful and it helped to get me the job. Thanks so much.

Really good news?
Now that I'm free of all the drama and angst of limited contracts and the threatening joblessness... I'll write waaaaay more. *grins*
I'm on chapter 40 for TSUS - it's going to be finished soon. Writing is fun again and I've got my head free for it.

OOOOh and what a hell of an episode 3x11 was!!!! I'm stunned, speechless----- links to metas on SPN season 3 please?
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Hey Flist,

I'd like to read some Wincest in which one of the boy is blind/deaf/otherwise TEMPORARY incapacitated and needs to rely on the other. A few more than just a 1,000 words and an Adult Rating would be nice.

I've read one fic before in which Dean was blind and deaf and talking non-stop. Something with water spirtis I think. They boys weren't able to find a way to communicate with each other and I found that hard to believe.

So, recs anyone?
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I need help with a fic. *hides in shame* The plot bunny is an especially threatening one. I swear.

So I want Dean to collect Sam from Stanford and go with him to Bobby's to check something. They're not in a life-depends-on-it-hurry but going there directly. How long would it take them? And a motel break along the way would be good - where? Is there something remarkable on the way?

I'm sorry if I stepped on someone's toes. There's just this big ocean between Europe and America that keeps me from finding out myself... and ah, yes, the lack of money on my bank account.

Thanks in advance!
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All knowing FList, please tell me when the next episodes of Supernatural and Heroes air.
I know with Supernatural 3x09 should be next and Heroes has finished a (shortened) season 2 December last year after 11 episodes. That right?

I'm cut off of info you might get per TV or TV guide and the www tells me all kinds of different things. urgh.
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It's Saturday morning 4 am and I've finally seen this week's episode of Supernatural, too. I don't understand why you can only watch the episode on the CW website in the USA? I'm the one over here in Europe who needs that service because I can only get it by illegally downloading it! TV over here just started showing season 1! Imagine!

3x05 opinion and thoughts )

So, great!
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So, I think in [livejournal.com profile] spnroundtable I stumbled over a Dean/Jess fic. Intriguing!

I read that fic and whoa! What a fic. Only really bad thing about it was: it made me like Jess. *urgh* Still, I needed more, I just loved the ideas that were written down so intense. I left a comment and begged for more Jess fic. Again? Yeah, I begged for more Jess fic! And best thing? I got it. *heeee* Worst thing? It made me like Jess even more! *urgh*

Even if you normally don't read HET, read these fics! They're worth it! The great author is [livejournal.com profile] pixel_0.

Rainwater in the Words & Daylight Refracted

Appropriate headers above each fic. Leave comments. Share the Jess!love. *lol*
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So, I am back at work after 12 days off. It's cruel. Getting up early in the morning, about the same time I went in bed on holiday... it sucks. *grrr*

I want to go home...

I am really looking forward going home because I want to read some Supernatural Fanfic then. I'd appreciate some Recs. What's your personal favorite fic? I prefer them wincest-y, long, nc-17 or R... no mpreg or characterdeath of the brothers. I like to read how they get together. I am sceptical about dark!fic but if there is something I should read in your opinion... hint me to it.

Erm, I'm going through all the rec pages as they come and search for fic myself - this is not an attempt of laziness - I just thought maybe someone has some "ohmygodmustreadthis"fic to rec.

I prefer Dean - is that common? Is Dean everybody's darling or are there Sam Fans out there too? Why do you like whom? Tell me? *curious*

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It's all [livejournal.com profile] tabaqui's fault. I was looking through her journal the other day and there was a fic NOT set in the BtVS/AtS fandom. I can't just pass up on any of Tabaqui's fics - but this supernatural didn't mean anything to me... (That's German Television for you.)

I downl*aded the pilot and then the first season and then the second, watched them in the last couple of weeks and fell really hard for Dean. *sighs*

I'm running around searching for fic and pics and stuff everywhere - found a lot already and it's taking up all my attention right now.

No, I am not abandonning Spike/Xander/Angel and Co., they just have to - how did Tabaqui put it - Spike and Xander are just going to have to scootch up a little and make room on the fandom couch for Sam and Dean. heeeheeehee..

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