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I just wanted to watch some Stefan/Damon fanvids and youtube told me:

Dieses Video ist aufgrund von Urheberrechtsbeschränkungen in deinem Land nicht verfügbar.

This video is not available in your country (Germany) because of copyright infringement.


Are we in China yet?

I am so pissed off by this.
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There was a request over at [livejournal.com profile] twilight_addict:

"...What is it about vampires that makes them interesting? Is it even about the vampires? Do you think vampires have become less of a "feared monster" and more appealing?..."

For me, the most fascinating thing with vampires is the time-factor. They don't change, don't get old and they "live" to see the future.
There is so much to see, to learn, to experience and time goes by so quickly with the mundane everyday routines of work and household and stress and fights and money and shopping and gossip. I wish life would be infinite. I just need more time to experience life, you know?

I saw the following sentence tattooed on a guys chest once and from deep within my heart/soul I agreed: Life is a cry for immortalitly.
(I have never seen or heard that before or again - so if this is some well-known pop culture reference...shrugs)

Forgive my melancholy mood, friendlist.


Mar. 15th, 2008 05:21 pm
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I hate flashbacks in fiction. Why don't you people write in the right order of time and build up some nice tension? I don't want to know the end before everything else! These "we're here now but how did we get here?"-style thing from some tv-episodes is great ON tv, it sucks when it's fic.

You can hate me now.

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