Dec. 31st, 2007 06:58 pm
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It's that time of the year again. The same procedure as every year.

I hope everybody accomplished their last year's goals and is optimistic about setting up new ones for 2008.

My mini-review 2007 )

wordcounts 2007

All in all I've written 19.762 words. That's not very much but more than last year, so thumbs up for me.
I've finally finished a fic: 3 INCHES is done, 35,000 words of Spander, 18+.
4.000 words are SPN. I've started to write some Supernatural wincest fiction, prolly novellenghty, and I'm gonna need a beta with lots of patience and understanding for a non-native, someone who's unafraid to give concrit and help plotting.

I've moved my whole website, I bought my own domain (finally) and we're now found here: http://druffitown.de

things for 2008 )

I want to write more and I want to read and comment more...

Thank you all for being here, for staying at LJ even after all the strikethroughs. LJ and you people here are a big part of my life, even if you might not know it but I read your posts and I'm happy when you're happy and I feel with you, when bad things happen, even if I don't find the right words to comment right away.


Einen guten Rutsch insbesondere den deutschsprachigen Leuten, die mein LJ lesen!

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Since I won't have the chance to make this post tomorrow evening (I will have a party at my place.) I am doing it right now:

I wish each and every one of you a wonderful last day of 2006 and a great start in the shiny new 2007!!!

We in Germany wish a "guten Rutsch ins neue Jahr" (which translates to "a good slide into the next year") - I don't think there is anything else but to wish a "Happy new year!" in English.

I am very, very ashamed to even offer up my word count for fanfic writing in 2006, it's even less than in 2005, I have written only 14.572 words. Well and about 5.000 more for OIB which are not more than pretty long notes on how the fic will continue. Yes, there is hope. Still, I keep my promises, I will write more and I will finish them all. Let's just hope, 2007 will be less stressful with the job and all.

Thanks to everyone who still kept commenting on my lj-posts, who sent me emails and who read my fics as far as they're posted. You guys are wonderful and I try to look at your fic and ljs as often as real life will let me. I enjoy reading about your lives, reading your fics and look at your pics very much and I am sorry I don't always have/take the time to comment.

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Well, considering I wrote 115,101 words fanfiction last year, I am ashamed to present you the count of 2005. I only wrote 18,182 words. *cries*
I promise, promise, really promise, to write a lot more in 2006. No series is forgotten, I will finish them all. I am really looking forward to writing again. I still have all the ideas and plots in my head and they want out.

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Writing done in 2004

all: 115,101 words

S/X: 107,272 words
(TSUS = 53,984 words)

various pairings or vignettes: 7,829 words

Wow... considering it was my first year writing fanfic - that are a lot of words.

First ever post of English fanfic: March 22, 2004 at aff.net

I'll take this opportunity to again thank my lovely beta [livejournal.com profile] joolzmp7, without your encouragement, patience and help I would have never gotten this far! Thank you. Love you. *hugs and cuddles*

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