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I need a rec or link to a Spike/Dawn story now. It should be long (at least longer than a single page) and it must feed me - means it needs some plot - even if the plot is only Dawn falls in love with Spike and tries to get him and he tries to resist but then can't anymore - I don't care. I need a Spike/Dawn fic. I am searching like mad and can't find one that does not start with her being tied up by Spike! I need some story around it. And it would be great when it's not a furture fic. Spike/Dawn is so interessting because it is forbidden. And that has nothing to do with childmolesting or some such stuff. I mean hello Buffy = 15 in the first season where she does several things with several people in several fics posted everywhere.

So somebody help me please, to scratch that particular itch instantly before I start writing a Spike/Dawn fic. *rollseyes* I really don't want to.

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I'm reading a lot fanfic again and I thought I should rec what I liked.

Deja Vu by DeborahMM

Since I am always on hunt for interessting plots, this intrigued me:
Liam O'Connor is a psychotherapist in a happy relationship with Francis until a disturbing, and disturbingly familiar, new client comes to him, claiming to be a vampire.

This is NC-17 with a little Daddy!Kink, some touches of BDSM and bloodplay.

About 22,000 words.

"The shadow shapes were turning William round and pushing him down. The boy sank gracefully to his knees, arms held now above his head, arching his smooth back towards Liam. His pale skin glowed in the dim light, the cleft between his buttocks a clutching velvety darkness. Liam felt his cock straining at the front of his trousers, wanting to plunder that darkness and make it bleed."


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