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Comments to the 4th season start of SPN (aired episodes only)

This is only about episodes 4x01 to 4x03. Please don't spoil me for future episodes!

I'm disturbed by the lack of relationship between Sam and Dean SPN has shown us in the last three episodes.
One welcome-back-hug and one do-you-remember?-No.-Good.-conversation. That's all? Where are the emotions? The glad you are back - I don't leave you out of my sight ever again!

And the sneaking out without waking Dean every single night?  Dean is a hunter with nightmares. For me it's hard to believe that he doesn't wake up the moment Sam gets out of bed. He was attuned to Sam's needs all his life... did that all change through his time in hell?

I love how Castiel grows into a role that has both Sam's annoyness-factor and John's unmoveable, commanding attitude.
He's the one waking Dean from nightmares and the one telling Dean what to do next.

I like Castiel, he's strong and confident that alone makes him very sexy. It's time someone looks out for Dean, someone who also is intrigued by what lies beneath the surface, what makes Dean tick. I want to see Dean break down and seek comfort in Castiel's arms because Sam is - like so often lately - unavailable.

I totally miss Ruby. I loved her. The new actress looks like a frog. *pout*

I'm in love with young!Mary and I wonder why Kripke didn't use this character and attitude for Joe. That would have worked out as a pairing in canon. Anyway, I hope there will be a lot of young!Mary/young!John fics. I love Mary's parents.

And I guess there will be lots of Dean/young!Mary, even Dean/young!John fics soon. I'm not sure I can handle that.

I hate that Hendrickson died for real.

Something was bothering me about Bobby - despite the weird house/furniture change - but I forget what it was. It already started around the time Dean asked him if he thought that Sam could have come back wrong and he so obviously lied through his teeth... I don't have a good feeling. Bobby was already used by the trickster and I don't know... can't shake the feeling something is coming there. That panic room (for one person) was weird - even for Bobby.

Comments are very appreciated.

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