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druffine ([personal profile] druffine) wrote2009-05-13 09:41 pm
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SPN: Rougher Than Before - Sam/Dean - 18y+ - complete

Sam’s surprised to see Dean in a bar in Palo Alto. He’s even more surprised when Dean doesn’t recognize him.

Fandom: Supernatural
18+ (explicit slash, some het only in part TWO )
Warning: Sam/Dean, some Sam/Jess, mentions of Dean/OMC
Setting: pre-pilot, a bar in Palo Alto
Category: memory loss, rent-boy!Dean, Wincest, dub con, angst
Status/Words: complete / ~ 18,300

Special thanks to Jenny, Joolz, Tenshi, Tabaqui and Alwaysand who helped me with beta stuff or their opinion.

Outside link to my homepage: Rougher Than Before

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