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SPN 4x06 "Yellow Fever"

My opinion of the lates Supernatural episode:

At the beginning of the episode I was pretty deflated because, damn, just another funny episode again. I want plot! I want angst!

I got to say I don't like the “Monster Movie” that much. For one, it was black & white and the music was ugly and now everybody again thinks all Germans are Bavarians - which they are not. Actually we consider the Bavarian as “weird” while Bavarian speak of their own state as not belonging to Germany. They are weird and right-conservative and traditionalists and look ridiculous with their leather pants and dirndls! I'm German – I'm allowed to say that. And their whole homeland attitude and dialect sucks, too, because you can't even understand them on the phone! I know what I'm talking about. And I gotta pull back a little and say that this all goes for most of the people over 45 years who live there. Younger people are more open to be European.)

Anyway, this episode totally drew me in. To see Dean going through various fears and getting more scared with every second wasn't what kept my eyes glued to the screen. I was surprised, to say the least, by how Sam reacted to Dean's upcoming death – or rather how he did not react at all.

There was no scene, no hint of Sam pulling himself together to solve the case. He wasn't taking Dean's fears serious. Yeah, his behavior was ridiculous but the clock was tick-tick-ticking away and Sam did not look like he was afraid of losing his brother again. This worries me – but I posted about the boys being disconnected before.

Like other people I've seen that weird smirk Sam gives Luthor, too, when he's pushed down onto the floor during that fight. I thought it was some scrambled up acting – maybe a pain grimace gone the wrong way – but now I'm not so sure anymore.

When Dean hallucinated, he conjured up his own worst fears. At first it was Sam who turned YED without being possessed, who was cold and over mighty with those demon powers and who'd put him back into hell.

I'm not sure if that flash of YED at the end of the episode was real. It could be they just wanted us viewers to realize how close to the truth Dean's fears are, like a metaphor.

Or were Sam's eyes flashing for real – on a sunny afternoon after a successful hunt and a beer with his brother to party about it? Sam didn't seem to feel it – is that the demon blood coming to the surface even if Sam doesn't use his powers actively?

Erm... did anyone else notice that all the conversations about Sam's demon nature are held outside of the Impala with a pretty landscape around?

Anyway, if we're gonna get more YE!Sam and he acts him like this – arrogant, confident and pure(evil) – wow, we're in over our heads. It'll be awesome to see that.

When Dean grabbed the bible and closed his eyes, I don't think he prayed. Dean believes in what he has seen with his own eyes and God is not on that list. I interpret it as a shout-out for Castiel to save him (again).

The episode itself was full of pretty, pretty shots of both the boys and the added “Eye of the Tiger” scene just made my panties explode. I just wish there were pictures from farther away, showing Dean sitting on the car door or on the car with the whole Impala on it. Are there any?

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