Jan. 13th, 2008

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I need help with a fic. *hides in shame* The plot bunny is an especially threatening one. I swear.

So I want Dean to collect Sam from Stanford and go with him to Bobby's to check something. They're not in a life-depends-on-it-hurry but going there directly. How long would it take them? And a motel break along the way would be good - where? Is there something remarkable on the way?

I'm sorry if I stepped on someone's toes. There's just this big ocean between Europe and America that keeps me from finding out myself... and ah, yes, the lack of money on my bank account.

Thanks in advance!
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Hey Flist,

I'd like to read some Wincest in which one of the boy is blind/deaf/otherwise TEMPORARY incapacitated and needs to rely on the other. A few more than just a 1,000 words and an Adult Rating would be nice.

I've read one fic before in which Dean was blind and deaf and talking non-stop. Something with water spirtis I think. They boys weren't able to find a way to communicate with each other and I found that hard to believe.

So, recs anyone?

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