Jan. 15th, 2008

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I've been to the public health authority and got all the vaccinations and immunizations I've missed since 1995. Yeah, that right. 13 years. I'm (nearly) 27 years old btw.

It didn't hurt. They even poked me two times, different arm each, and it's not hurting much now.

I got immunizations against Diphteria, Teatnus, Pertussis. I already had Measles, Parotitis and Rubella done when I was a kid. And they talked me into taking the Vaccination against influenza (FIV), too. (Yes, I'm copying this out of the Internation Certificate of Vaccinations, they gave me. It was all free and I was wondering if you whatever country you are in get that, too. Or if you get even more or maybe less or if you have to pay for it.
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[livejournal.com profile] terrible_tues pointed this page out to me after she saw my request for fics with a blind/deaf Sam or Dean.

Disability in Fanfiction is a fanfic archive Site for multiple fandoms in which one of the main character is/becomes disabled in any way.

As far as I saw, all pairings, ratings are welcome and they've only archived some Supernatural gen fic. Actually, Supernatural is still listed under "Other Fandoms". Go change that and rec fic you like. Reccing is very encouraged by the site's owner!

Fandoms currently represented are: Dark Angel, Harry Potter, Navy NCIS, Numb3rs, House M.D, Stargate, The Sentinel, Blind Justice, Joan of Arcadia and Mac Gyver, Friday Night Light, x-Files.

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