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Most of you know I'm living in Germany, in Schwerin. That is about 100 km or 60 miles from Heiligendamm where the G8-summit will take place from the 6th to the 8th of June 2007. More Info on that here at Wikpedia.

Today was the upbeat of the protests against that summit.

NPD-Demo in Schwerin

The NPD is a rightwing party in Germany we all wonder why it's not forbidden. It's just a matter of time, though, before they will be forbidden (I hope.) Here in my federal state they even have some seats in the parliament. They are completely ignored or all petitions of them are declined though.

Today they wanted to make a big demonstration with about 2,500 neo-nazis against G8 in my hometown. A big counter demonstration of leftwing radicals (these guys in black that throw stones?) was also with 2,000 people. My hometown's administeration forbid the demo because they only had 2,000 police men but needed 4,000 to keep up the safety in town, to keep the groups separated. The NPD and the leftwing radicals went both to court and wanted them to annihilate the demo forbiddance. In the last instance at court they said the forbiddance was lawful. The demo didn't take place. The sent those Nazis home but they drove to other cities (Berlin, L√ľneburg...) to demonstrate there. Whatever since the Nazi groups were split apart, the local authorities dealt with them quickly.
=> (german press) Demoverbot in Schwerin

But most of the leftwing radicals they went on to Rostock...

violent protests in Rostock

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Take a look at these photos of what happened there: pictures online

There were peaceful demonstration people and a lot of leftwing radicals demonstrating together. When they arrived at the place where the evening demonstration with some stage speakers and music were going to take place, the group split up. The peaceful part listened to the stage guys and the leftwing radicals started to throw bottles, stones, everything at the police men. I have lots of respect for the police men that were in the middle of it all, trying to keep the radicals from destroying and hurting others. The radicals set cars and garbage bins on fire and just generally tried to provoce streetfights with the police. Believe me, I've seen the live transmisson on TV. 200 police men were hurt in the process and I guess it will be even more when the nights over. That this is just the upbeat of a "week of protests" and more leftwing radicals are coming in the next days to "express their opinion against G8"... I feel really for those police men and women out there and their families. I hate violence and especially if it's as pointless as here.
=> (german press) G8-Proteste in Rostock

I just wanted to tell you my sight of things going on around here - not that you think I'm a Nazi, a leftwing-radical AND an incest-y, child molesting, abusing fanfic writer. *eyeroll*

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