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druffine ([personal profile] druffine) wrote2010-02-17 01:47 pm

Google Buzz

Anybody buzzing?

[identity profile] tabaqui.livejournal.com 2010-02-17 03:20 pm (UTC)(link)
Ah ha ha. No. I turned it all off. Sorry! Too much dipping into my email contacts and whatnot - no thank you! They need to learn the lj lesson - make things opt-in, not opt-out!

How are you? What's going on in your life?
I miss you!

[identity profile] druffine.livejournal.com 2010-02-18 10:48 am (UTC)(link)
They did learn from their mistake and changed it. It's kinda nice to have the social network only one klick away from my inbox. I like it.

What's going on in my life?
Hm. I ordered a new pc for 1.000 bucks and when I opened the box I found it broken. Of course it was a Saturday so no hotline or support open and I had to wait until Monday to call the shop. I couldn't eat for two days, fearing that my money was gone for a broken pc.
But the support was super nice and they gave me a retoure label to send it back which I did. Today I got a new pc - very uncomplicated. Very nice. I'm as nervous as a little kid now. Can't wait to get home from work to try out my new pc!!!!

Otherwise... same old boring work and life stuff. And we've been having snow for 2 and a half month now. I can't remember when we had that much snow or this long even. Everything is frozen and there is so much snow in the streets that I have to shovel free parking space and people always need help getting their cars free because of the ice everywhere. It's supposed to rain today, means we get black ice (?). I'm really looking forward to driving home - not.

I want spring!! I want to see the sun again and green leaves and grass and flowers!!! *pout*

How are you? All good?

[identity profile] tabaqui.livejournal.com 2010-02-18 05:16 pm (UTC)(link)
Ah ha ha, you sound like my mom! She hates winter, too. We haven't had it too bad, really - a few snowfalls that resulted in four or five inches, most of it gone in a couple of days. They got it a lot worse south and east of us.

Wow, bummer about your computer but yay, replaced! I hate fooling around with returns and whatnot, always a hassle.

We are pretty much the same as always here. Just getting through the doldrums of the 'new year' and waiting for spring, too, when the shop business picks up and we can stop worrying about bills so much. Our electric bill was *so* high this month - over six hundred dollars! It got down below zero for days and days, so apparently everybody is being hit hard but man....that sucks.

More insulation in the attic this summer, that's for sure!

I miss seeing you around on the LJ, bay-bee. Glad to hear you're doing all right. Hows the new house? Feeling like home, yet? All settled in?